Mobile Game Developers

At PuffPirate Studios, we develop games for Android and iOS with a stylistic approach. We want users of all ages to have fun playing our games!

Development Services

We also offer game development services for those interested in getting their ideas out there! If you have any game ideas and are looking to make them happen, be sure to contact us!

Giving Back!

Here at PPS, we love to give back, we post tutorial content online through #Indiedev tags and also pariticipate in events with other developers to boost community spirit and fundraising!

PuffPirate Studios has Only Just Opened Our Doors But We're Growing Strong!

We're a new bustling indie game company, but we're growing our product line slowly but surely by adding stylistic games and outsourcing our services. We continue to develop with the methodology of FUN FIRST and then focusing on monetization!

Over a dozen third-part indie games developed!